@BeautifulVillager Episode 1 (Full Episode) Guzel Koylu

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@BeautifulVillager Episode 1 (Full Episode) Guzel Koylu
@BeautifulVillager Episode 1 (Full Episode) Guzel Koylu
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Beautiful Villager Güzel Köylü

Gul is in a great depression because she is tired of the lively life in Istanbul and also because he has separated from her lover Kaan. For this reason, she comes to Mugla/Guzelköy in order to get away from the city. Gul begins to live next to Sultan Ana, who thinks she is his grandson. When she persuades her sisters to come to the village, they all stay with Sultan Ana. Gul’s ex-fiancé Kaan also comes to the village. But Gul has no intention of reconciling with him. Because she’s got her heart set on Cemal in the village. Gul, who was raised as an urban woman, embarks on a brand new love affair in the village.

Production : Gold Film
Producer : Faruk Turgut
Director : Mustafa Şevki Doğan
Scenario : Baykut Badem, Filiz Ekinci, Berk Can Doğan

Cast :

Gizem Karaca – Gül Sümbül
Berk Cankat – Cemal Alkan
Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu – Kaan Yontar
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan – Hüsnü Alkan
Zerrin Sümer – Sultan Yılmaz
Toygan Avanoğlu – Bünyamin Kalas

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