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Console Pack-In Games - Scott The Woz
Console Pack-In Games – Scott The Woz
Scott gets a deal (wet rat).
Limited Edition Merchandise for Charity:


Music Used:
/”Bonus/” from Super Mario All-Stars
/”Title Screen/” from Wii Sports
/”Spring Yard Zone/” from Sonic the Hedgehog
/”Main Theme (Daytime)/” from Nintendo Land
/”Theme of Monita/” from Nintendo Land
/”Coin Drop/” from Nintendo Land
/”Stages 1-4 (Captain Falcon’s Twister Race)/” from Nintendo Land
/”Main Theme (Evening) (8-Bit)/” from Nintendo Land
/”Spring (No Drums) (Pikmin Adventure)/” from Nintendo Land
/”Stage 3 (Mario Chase)/” from Nintendo Land
/”Overworld/” from Super Mario World
/”CPU Plaza/” from Astro’s Playroom
/”Main Theme/” from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
/”Main Theme/” from 1-2-Switch
/”Table Tennis/” from 1-2-Switch
/”Overworld/” from Super Mario Bros. (NES)
/”Stage Theme/” from Gyromite
/”SFX Bonus Stage (SMB)/” from Super Mario Maker
/”Stage Select/” from NES Remix
/”Mii Plaza Theme 3/” from StreetPass Mii Plaza
/”Main Theme/” from Face Raiders
/”PictoChat/” from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
/”Regulator/” from Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt
/”Main Theme/” from Altered Beast (Arcade)
/”Beast Transformation/” from Altered Beast (Sega Genesis)
/”Tennis – Results/” from Wii Sports
/”Bowling/” from Wii Sports
/”A-Type/” from Tetris (Game Boy)
/”Adventure is Go!/” from Kinect Adventures
/”Special Stage/” from Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn)
/”Main Menu/” from Sports Champions
/”Koopa Cape/” from Mario Kart Wii
/”Glider 2/” from Pilotwings Resort
/”Break In (Original Piece)/” by Garrett Williamson (

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