We Caught a New Friend – Conan Exiles

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We Caught a New Friend - Conan Exiles
We Caught a New Friend – Conan Exiles
*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 -* Today the boys start building bigger, catch their first thrall, and embark on a quest for metal.


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0:00 Mama Appsro’s Seaside Shop
0:59 Intro
1:07 Wheel of Friendship
2:20 Simon’s K-9 Funko Pop of a House
3:40 A Lady Friend?
5:25 Appsro Baby Murder Fun Time
6:02 Catching a Friend
7:48 Appsro is the Perfect Woman
9:44 Dora Hates Reasonable Stairs
13:13 Appsro’s Meat-Stuffed Box
14:09 Foreshadowing
14:39 Village Raid
17:05 Preemptive Blacksmithing
18:15 Metal!
20:35 Foreshadowing Pays Off
22:22 Eeyore Gets His Name
23:41 Outro


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