Your Gut Your Immune System #shorts

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Your Gut Your Immune System #shorts
Your Gut Your Immune System #shorts
Sixty percent of your immune system is in your gut, right under a one-cell- thin layer of gut lining. 

When we treat this lining unkindly, we develop a leaky gut, allowing food proteins, microbes, and microbial toxins to “leak” into our bloodstream, triggering our immune system to start fighting the foreign invaders. Your biology is collateral damage. We call this dysbiosis (as opposed to symbiosis) an imbalanced gut microbiome. 

I explain how growing a healthy inner garden helps heal a leaky gut, and many other health issues. I explain what you can do now to start healing your gut microbiome today. 

You can find the full episode on The Doctor’s Farmacy.

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